Tyson introducing PBX Solutions

TelePassport is proud to introduce Tyson our no-fuss-cable guy who is super strong, reliable and an efficient team member. The TelePassport range of PBX systems have GSM trunk cards embedded directly in the hardware, allowing seamless access to TelePassport’s Fixed Cellular Routing, and the associated cost savings and other benefits.

The PBX range available at TelePassport is suitable for all businesses, and can be configured to be completely wireless, meaning no wiring or installation cost. The wireless PBX setup would allow you to easily move it to a new office or operation in mere hours.

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Why should we use a PBX?

The PBX S-Series is ideal for small-to-medium sized enterprises. Below are a couple of key features that makes a PBX system a must for any company: –

  1. Call- back -forward -monitoring -parking – recording, etc.
  2. Dial by Name, Do not Disturb, etc.
  3. Email to SMS / SMS to Email;
  4. Follow Me
  5. Paging / Intercom
  6. Mobility Extensions
  7. Queue system;
  8. Video Calls,
  9. And much more.

Which PBX Solution would work best for your company?

The Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX is specifically designed with the small-to-medium sized enterprises in mind, supporting up to 500 users and built using the very latest technology and efficiency improvements, delivering power, performance, quality and peace of mind.

At TelePassport we offer 3 different PBX solutions, each one aimed at a specific company size:

  1. The MyPBX S-20 solution is ideal for small companies with no more than 20 employees.
  2. The MyPBX S-50 solution is ideal for medium companies with no more than 50 users.
  3. The MyPBX S-100 solution is ideal for larger companies with between 100 and 200 employees.
  4. The MyPBX S-300 solution is ideal for larger companies with between 300 and 500 employees.
  5. The MyPBX K2 solution is ideal for larger companies with up to 2,000 employees (extensions).
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