Mira introducing AquaTrip

TelePassport is proud to introduce Mira our team member who’s obsessed with saving water. It is no secret that almost 50% of a countries water is lost due to water leaks and pipe bursts, but with Mira’s AquaTrip solution this will no longer be a problem.

The main purpose of the AquaTrip solution is to eliminate unnecessary water wastage. The installation options on AquaTrip range from basic water main protection to targeted, automated solutions for irrigation and ablution facilities.

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Download AquaTrip A201P/PE DataSheet
Download AquaTrip AT301D DataSheet

What is AquaTrip used for?

  1. AquaTrip on your home or business’ main supply line – this will guard against catastrophic failures that can cause property damage, particularly when the premises are unattended. It will automatically detect and act on leaks, and can be set to only operate after hours.
  2. AquaTrip on ablution blocks – coupled with an occupancy sensor, this will eliminate all water lost to leaking toilets and urinals, but will automatically allow the water supply to be active when someone is using the facilities. When not in use, all leakage is stopped.
  3. AquaTrip on irrigation lines – these are as much or more of a problem than ablutions. AquaTrip will eliminate all present and possible new leakage, but will allow the regular water cycles to run. When not in use, all leakage is stopped.
  4. AquaTrip on public facilities such as shower blocks, communal water supplies etc. Again, AquaTrip will automatically detect leaks or taps left open and shut off the water supply, but here we connect a manual reset button to the AquaTrip, allowing users to restore the water supply when they need to use it.

AquaTrip Products

  1. AquaTrip AT-201P/EP – N$ 3,477.39 (excl. VAT)
    The AquaTrip AT-201P/EP is a programmable manual or automatically controlled leak detectors designed to detect water leaks, reduce water bills, stop water wastage and minimize water damage.Once installed, the AquaTrip AT-201P/EP will monitor the flow of water into the facility and have the ability to shut of water automatically in the event a tap is left running, a burst pipe, or a leaking pipe or toilet.

  2. AquaTrip AT-301D – N$ 3,880.80 (excl. VAT)
    The AquaTrip AT-301D is perfect for small offices and enterprises, as well as private homes. It is best suited to controlling the main water supply line of a property.The AquaTrip AT-301D comes with a wireless remote that allows full control of the unit, and detailed reporting, including water consumption date (if a consumption meter is fitted).